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Available Pricing Models

Pricing of our project outsourcing services will mostly depend on the scope of your project and the nature of the work. These are some of the pricing models we can offer you:

Hourly Rates
For many of our manpower-based projects, we will charge a fixed-hourly-rate. I need a person for certain hours a day.

Deliverable-based Price
For deliverable-based projects, we often charge a fixed fee per deliverable. Examples will be a fixed price per database of records, per web page or per logo design.

Contract Price
In this case, we determine a fixed price for the entire contract. e.g. A fixed-price for the redesign and launch of a website which includes some online marketing and a year support.

Standard Rates

Web Design/PSD to HTML/PSD to WP

Hourly Rate : $25/Hr.
Deliverable-based Price : $225+$100 per additional page
Contract Price : Starting from $350

Web Development/Content Management Solutions/Blog Development/E-Commerce/Personal Website/Portfolio

Hourly Rate : $30/Hr.
Deliverable-based Price : N/A
Contract Price : Starting from $500

Search Engine Marketing/Social Media Marketing/Search Engine Optimization

Hourly Rate : $25/Hr.
Deliverable-based Price : $225+$100 per additional page
Contract Price : Starting from $499+$199/Month

Web Hosting(Only provided to clients with special requirements and under business maintenance plan)

Usually included in maintenance plan unless mentioned otherwise

Web Security & Maintenance & Support

Hourly rate:Staring from $15/hour
Plan:Starting from $99/Year

Website Modification/Up-gradation

Hourly rate:Staring from $25/hour

*The exact cost for your work would largely depend on the level of customization you are looking for and hence negotiable and needs to be approved and accepted by both parties.
We provide special rates to our regular and business clients. Please Contact Us to get the special rates you are eligible for.